Erik Fernström Film & Video AB
Simonsgårdsgränd 5
SE-563 32 Gränna, SWEDEN
Telephone +46 390 103 00
Mobile phone +46 70 669 7143
email: info@wildlifefilm.com
"In the twelfh century the Chinece master Kakuan drew the pictures of ten bulls with a written commentary. The bull is the eternal principle of life , truth in action. The ten bulls represent sequent steps in the realization of one´s true nature."

Our latest productions, SPIRIT OF THE MOUNTAINS and MASTER OF THE FOREST has generated a lot of confidence to our company. As both films has been rewarded at filmfestivals we are optimistic about the future.
If you are looking for some nice footage , one of our films or a future cooperation we´ll be glad to discuss this with you.