WILDLIFEFILM.COM has been on the market since 1983. We are specialized in films focusing on wildlife and stories about the conservation of nature. Erik Fernström is the owner of WILDLIFEFILM.COM . He is also the cameraman , producer and the one that get things rolling. He is responsible for approximately 50 different videoproductions.

In the video archive you will find wildlifefootage on brownbears and polarbears, moose, roedears, capercaille, blackgrouse, sable and ibex. Just to mention a few of all the creatures occupying this video archive.
The footage is either on Digi-Beta , Beta SP or Mini-DV. Call us to find out.


Since the middle of the 80´s Erik Fernström has produced a variety of videos including exploring films from Mount Everest and dogsledding videos from the Iditarod Race in Alaska. One of the most memorable films was one about monks at the Monastery in Lhasa ,Tibet.

Over the years there has been quite a few videos about hunting. A lot of them produced primarely for the Scandinavian TV-markets. Between 1997 and 2000 we made 4 videos about hunting in Kazakhstan , Nunavut in Northern Canada and Lapland in Northern Sweden. All of them highly appreciated by the audience.

And there is more ….WILDLIFEFILM.COM produces videos about wildlifeart. Focusing on the colours of nature , we have produced videos about artists like the american Mr John Seerey Lester and the swede Mr Lennart Sand- both world renowned wildlifeartists.

Most videos produced by WILDLIFEFILM.COM are distributed to TV-stations all over the world.

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Erik Fernström at work
Stills from our productions
Erik at Mount Everest