FRIENDS AND FOES - Once in a while a certain quota of wolfes are to be shot dead , hunted down , exterminated , taken out.....
It´s called get people to accept realities!
Right or wrong ?
Looking at mans experience with wolfes over the last thousands of years and by all means the last 5 years in the Nordic countries we can see that man is not accepting the wolf as a neighbor.... !
Wolfes eat dogs-"mans best friend"
They eat moose-our main wild dish
They scare people-because it happens , although very, very seldom , that they kill man.....

Man also kill tradition. As the moose population grows- they encounter cars along our roads and get killed often together with the driver of the car...
Man also kill big predators like bears ,lynx and wolverines because they feed on moose ,roe deers , and reindeers... that we also enjoy as food and a source of income.
And we kill seals because they destroy our nets with salmon at sea....
And foxes because they feed on small game that we hares and roe deers...
And beavers... because they feed on our forests....
And birds of prey because they feed on other birds that we hunt , pheasants , partridges ,black grouse , willow grouse etc
And bears , because they scare the shit out of us us and eat moose calves and kill sheep. Oh..I forgot , they are also trophies for man , big or small, depending on the budget!

How much are we willing to share...?
How much are we willing to sacrifice...?
Because big predators and all the animals we hunt are also part of the biodiversity...even though we often act as if they were not ! Todays hunting is just big fun and nothing else , for most hunters.
In Sweden you are allowed to "become" a hunter during a weekend course and if so in theory buy yourself a gun the next day.
Even though we are the top consumers and by tradition always been hunters we have to be more tolerant for a fullfilled biodiversty "from top to bottom". It´s our responsibility for the coming generations.
Because , deep down , we have to understand that all living creatures within the biodiversity has some kind of connection----if one fall everything goes the long run !!?
My american friend Steve commented upon this and said:
-Erik , these animals you go hunting in Sweden arn´t endangered , or what?
-No they arn´t I answered him and told him a bit about Swedish wildlife.
-But ....and this is the key is increasingly making it hard for animals to survive all around the proved by scientists.
-And this is often caused by well as of pure environmental aspects of course.
So the thing is I think even hunters has got to think twice before doing their business - wherever this is.
As time goes by.
The time when we were depending on wild meat is long gone.
The haul to sacrifice hunting for a fullfilled nature ---is a long one!